Frankenstens Laboratory


7 nights a week you can catch the Dancing Dead Live on stage at Frankensteins Laboratory Phuket.

Featuring massive and creepy shows such as Michael Jacksons Thriller Show, Rocky Horror Picture Show & Beetlejuice - our shows are guarateed to thrill you and even make you laugh out loud!

Catch Dancing Dead live on stage every night from 8.30pm - performing 3 different shows nightly!

And dont forget - Meet & Eat with the zombies everynight between 7.15pm & 8.15pm and even have your picture taken too! But becareful - THEY BITE!!!

Tour Include


At Frankensteins Laboratory - we strive to provide an environment that is fun for all ages. From our creepy decorations to extensive kids menu - Children and Adults of all ages are invited to enjoy the Frankensteins Laboratory Experience.

Our in-house make up artists are available every night from 6pm - 10pm - but beware - you will come out a ZOMBIE!!!!!

Charge is just 150THB per face for regular face painting, 250THB for our deluxe hollywood SFX silicone make-up, or go nuts and get the Full works with SUPER DELUXE (a comobination of both regular and deluxe and the ultimate in zombie SFX face-painting - cos you always GO FULL ZOMBIE!!!) and is a fun way to make your night at Frankensteins just that little bit more special.......

Just a side note guys - due to the popularity of the face-painting services, kids will always take priority over adults for face-painting (nobody likes to upset a little monster!), so once the kids are all done, all the adults will be be re-offered tickets for our face-painting service!