Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket


Excitement, fun and happy young ..... is something that many people begin to forget the day when time passes so far. With the obligation to work ..... ..... Family Care, which crashed into the crowd as some people have to live in hastily, almost breathless. These are the factors which are encouraging. "Innocence" on the past decays when we grow up as ever.

-Whether you are a parent with a small child. ..... a family favorite teen thriller ..... lovers who want to take the time to savor the sweetness of life ..... or ..... Aunts and uncles who are weak. start homogenized You can choose to use the services of "Splash Jungle (Splash Jungle)" below for sure.

1. The Wave Pool wobble body manipulation, with waves lapping at level 6 from the vertical cliff waterfall ..... Aunts and uncles Sen. guarantee that those (older) did not play so hard.

2. The Aqua Play Pool, Pool fun the whole family, from young children until the parents with water slide various altitudes. If all players The water slide indefinitely. Wet felt satisfied enough not to try to piece together a fun Water Bomb Cannons do ..... and .... and ... and.. On ..........

3. The Super Bowl is the player who has the distinction of being top of the Splash Jungle (Splash Jungle) with similar characteristics which resemble. "Noodle bowl" larger, the player looks barely different from the ball, which rolled to spiral down into the hole center bowl (Visitors must sit Ring The Splash Jungle provided by the former player's). ..... a little dizzy when the merger combines the pleasure of a (numb) the insanely unique.

4. Boomerango is another player who loves the excitement must not miss out on the opportunity to visit Splash Jungle (Splash Jungle) ..... ..... At the beginning you have to sit and worry. Yang continued to flow down the pipeline, a large water slide and then dropped down to the vertical angle of almost 90 degrees to the ground ...... speeds, combined with the momentum of an object falling from a height, which makes the ring. your vehicle (which just fell out of the woods. A hose) glider lurched onto the slide, and then flows back into the pond below, the force of gravity in a similar fashion. "Boomerang" .......... one frights to be aware that there may be a scream when faced with this component.

5. Lazy River to experience the island of inactivity with a baby floating down the river, model, length 335 m ..... lazy river. Clear blue flowing steadily. Will blow you around. 7 North simulation of the "Asian" until. "North Pole" ..... ..... honestly say that this is the view of the water park Splash Jungle, Phuket (Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket) enjoyable and consumes less energy. the best

6. North Pole Hot Spring Pool After a long time to go with a variety of relaxing by the pool, soaking in the hot seat. Giant decorated nicely landscaped as a hotel in the middle of the Arctic at this ..... ..... you can relax comfortably. The warm water temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius, which helps expand blood vessels and relieve muscle tension. He began to feel that they are living into old age because prior leg pain, shin pain on a regular basis ..... that would pretend to be young at the North Pole Hot Spring Pool's some .....

7. In addition to various other services. As mentioned above, the water park Splash Jungle, Phuket (Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket) and also offers other services. Many more to make your holiday infused with an aura of happiness ..... ..... fun fun like Kid Aquarium, Igloo Sauna, Splash Bar, Coconut Cafe, Jungle Deli, etc .. ... ..... also if you have the opportunity to visit Phuket. just remember to take time to visit the water park for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages today.

Hours: water park Splash Jungle, Phuket (Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket) is open daily from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Extra charge private transfer around

-patong beach 1,500 baht
-kata karon beach 1,800 baht
-rawai beach 2,000 baht
-kamala ,surin beach 1,400 baht
-laguna beach 1,000 baht