Shooting range


Kathmandu Shooting Field
Kathmandu Shooting Field Located in Soi Kathu. Next to Phuket Waterloo, Kathu, Phuket, before the Kathu waterfall. By turning into Soi Kathu waterfall about 800 meters, there will be signs to enter the shooting range. Here is a friendly service. And a variety of shooting channels. No matter how steep, flying target, shotgun, bow, BBGun and many more.

Although the Kathmandu Shooting Field It is an old field, but it is a gathering of small and large models, who will see the beautiful flying targets, the guns are good to see from this member. Especially Sat Sun Sunday, most of the customers are Thai, so the newcomer is not suitable for the field because of the professional people. There may be no one to educate. Or know a lot May be confusing For a beginner to shoot a gun.

Kathu field shooting is not comfortable but stressful if shooting a gun then it is recommended Kathmandu Shooting. Because the price of ammunition and crotch was cheaper than any other field.

Kathmandu Shooting Field Welcome every sharpshooter To show you how to fly a beautiful landing every day from 9am to 6pm.